The Beginning The End / Der Anfang Das Ende / L'inizio La fine
artist book by Daniela Comani
softcover, 12 x 17 cm, 48 pages, 10 EUR
English: ISBN 978-3-946950-09-7
German: ISBN 978-3-946950-07-3
Italian: ISBN 978-3-946950-08-0
Monroe Books, Berlin, 2020 and 2021

The Beginning The End is a collection of quotes taken from classic and b-fiction, like crime novels, and involves writing one book with two parts: The Beginning and The End. The two parts meet in the middle.
I collected two quotes per book: the first sentence (The Beginning) and the last sentence of the book (The End).
I used a symmetrical structure, where the sequence of extracts from the same book correspond for The Beginning and for The End.
The Beginning is a collage of mine: I wrote a new story using only the first sentences. Through the symmetry, The End became a story of coincidence.
Sometimes I change the quotes minimally. I remove the proper names, gender and the third person tense and turn them into the first person, as an appropriation act.

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